Denver March for Life 2019

This post is aimed at all those who feel the current young adult are missing or “dropping the ball” on addressing critical modern day issues of Love, Life, and Liberty. I encourage you to watch the

“Denver, March For Life 2019  Youtube video of this event.

Not only were most of the participants young adults, but the overall theme of the speakers was testament to the fact that today’s young people are not the future of the Respect Life Movement… they ARE the Respect Life Movement. It was clear to me that the real momentum and energy behind critical Pro-Life issues are young men and women who want to reshape the cultural landscape they are inheriting. St. Peter’s very own Elizabeth Felix was the Students for Life representative who spoke so clearly and boldly to everyone listening that Pro-Life is about equality for, women, men, young and old, all races and creeds. Few things have given me the Hope I felt listening to her speech and the crowd’s response.

If you’re in need of a large dose of Hope, listen to this speech. Hear the voice of a generation poised to change the course of humanity in the 21st century. A generation yearning to give every life the opportunity to assume it’s destiny in this world.  God Bless You All, Deacon Mike

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