Good To Be Kind

Deacon Blog                                                            April 24, 2019

Good to Be Kind

I get asked a lot if “it’s enough” to just be a kind person and always try to do the right thing. Our human logic would say, “Yes, that’s what is most important”. Frankly, I know a lot of these folks and love them dearly, and I would agree that our outward expression of Christ’s virtues is what we are called to live. But… there is so much more grace available to us. We can either honor GOD by putting our efforts into imitating Christ, or we can merely “mimic” Jesus and not give LOVE its due. Everything that is good comes from GOD. Just being a good person because we want to, only glorifies ourselves. There is no worship (other than self-worship) in this effort. If someone does not believe in GOD, then there is no need to respond to Jesus. If, though, we believe in GOD then we should acknowledge that we are called (scripturally) to participate in a Divine orchestra, playing a Divine score, that requires a Divine Conductor. We can believe that “someone” wrote this music of life, or we can believe it occurs randomly, but it must be said that life follows some pattern of order and that even kindness and compassion find their origins in some source. Most will acknowledge that “truth” exists in our world in various forms, be it the multiple disciplines of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology (the physical sciences). If truth is present anywhere, it had to have a source, for nothing only comes from nothing, and only something can create something. Creatio ex nihilo (creation from nothing)  is a logic hard to overlook.

In this vein, once a “creator” is professed we have to look to the order the “creator” assembles and acknowledge that “HE/SHE” makes the rules. Only human vanity would assess that “we” are in charge, despite obvious empirical knowledge to the contrary. It is well accepted fact that humans did not create the heavens and the earth… but someone/ something did. The elements and the order of nature did not create themselves. So, if someone did create them, their rules and guidelines super-cede any claims to primacy we think we have. We may claim to be in charge, but we have no real ability to make it so. This only makes us delusional, and plagiaristic. If we accept the GOD of Abraham, then HIS sacred WORD gives us the paradigm to follow.

Is it good that we make the choice to be kind and “Christ-like” to others? Absolutely. To not give credit for this attitude to the one who first put it on display is a self-centered focus. One would have to explain how a world hinged on power, slavery, war, and intimidation, abruptly made a right turn (no pun here) 2,000 years ago to follow a path to liberate humanity via education, forgiveness, healing, hope. To be clear, it was not a “grass-roots movement that gained momentum in the relative darkness of some obscure part of the world. It was a force of heaven that loudly proclaimed “redemption” in the sheer daylight of the most powerful society in human history… and did so with a rule of KINDNESS. So, again I ask, “Whose authority should make the rules?” As a young man I told myself “Either GOD exists, or HE doesn’t, and if HE does, I have no business making my own rules”. If I decide HE does not exist, then I get to be “King” and I inherit the kingdom I create. Trouble is, how do 6 billion (and counting) “kingdoms” on earth co-exist without war? This idea explains a lot about our world today. We need only look to the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ to see who the “Boss” is and who has real power. Who else has come back from death and commissioned a Church to last until the “end of age” and made it be true?                           A Blessed Easter Season to ALL.

HIS Holy Blessings…

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