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I have to come clean this week. I don’t always receive and transmit direction from the Holy Spirit in real time. In fact, truth be told, I “strike out” at least as often as I make contact.  Though, if this were Baseball, I’d be a millionaire. There are a lot of reasons for this, attention deficit being one of them, but there is a bigger issue at play here that I’m guessing plagues many of us. It would be easier to use a learning difficulty as my excuse but that would not be the truth. The real reason for me “striking out” is because I often just fail to seek counsel from GOD. Call it ego or call it poor habits…  but the One I should consult with is too often an after-thought.

So, this week I would like to speak about Who is charged with our right counsel, wisdom, courage, knowledge, reverence, piety, and understanding. If we are to believe anything in Scripture, it is that through the Father’s Loving Desire for us (the Holy Spirit), HE seeks to teach us what HIS image truly looks like. We all have a “persona” we develop when we are young. Sometimes it is being tough, sometimes it is intelligence. Hopefully we seek to be kind and gentle or helpful to others. Many of us use hard-work and perseverance as our identity. Whatever we choose, this image forms our conscience and character as children of GOD. As our Creator, GOD desires to help us in this process because it is the only authentic basis for our JOY.  Intellectually, HE reveals to us Knowledge, and UnderstandingEmotionally we are shown Courage and WisdomSpiritually we learn Piety, the Fear of Offending GOD, and Right Judgement. This is what the FATHER incarnated in Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

All these gifts are in play in Sacred Scripture and the story of the Good Shepherd. These are the gifts placed into our hearts as the Body of Christ. Gifts meant to be shared with those we encounter in our lives. While only Jesus and our Blessed Mother employed all these gifts in total, we can share, with others, only what we first possess, and seeking these gifts is what is known as “the path of holiness”. Please take careful note that this effort is not referred to as the “destination” of holiness. It is not about what is accomplished. It is ALL about who we seek to conform our souls to, and this determines the level of Joy we possess.

This time of year we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Church. We ask young people to confirm their faith in the Church and we (as church) confirm our support of, and their inclusion in, the sacred movement we call Faith. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are revealed and conferred to them as keys to unlock the mystery of GOD’s purpose for them… a purpose seen only in the light of Christ.  These keys must be used every day as we work to restore the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth… the very mission of the Christian Church… To engage this power it becomes critical that we form prayerful habits, accessing the Spirit of the Most High, for only in prayer do we enter dialogue with the Spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge, Courage, Reverence, Piety, Understanding, and Right Judgement.

A Blessed and Peace Filled Easter Season to All

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