Why the Suffering?

Deacon Blog                                                            April 28, 2019

Why the Suffering?

This may be the #1 question of youth discussions world-wide. “Where is the love in all the suffering and hardships in the world?” “Why did Jesus have to be tortured and nailed to a cross…just to tell us GOD is LOVE?” I don’t care what age you are, if you have not pondered these questions deeply and thoroughly, you’ve skipped an essential step in spiritual growth. Coming to an understanding of this is the only way, I feel, to clearly and effectively activate the “Disciple” gene in our souls. It’s important because to truly understand perfect LOVE, we need to process each aspect to its logical conclusion and not stop at the parts where things become uncomfortable. Contemplating this should be a life-long process. I do not pretend to possess a full-understanding of suffering but I spend a significant amount of my time thinking about it. Most likely this is because my “bulb” is not as bright as it could be (multiple head injuries), but the sense of importance in understanding this reality haunts me at times. I should clarify, “Haunts” me with PEACE, because my soul longs to understand this and the “secrets locked inside”.

Those who are parents easily understand that when we love our children we want to give them gifts and opportunities for the fullest life possible. Most childless Aunts and Uncles feel the same way about their nieces and nephews. We wish them to be safe from all harm imaginable. Yet… we buy them bicycles, skate boards, skis, music subscriptions, and any number of potentially dangerous gifts. I have friends who have lost a child to each of the activities associated with these “gifts”. In an effort to fulfill their educational goals, we send them to post-secondary schools that work overtime to dissuade their “religious ideals” in favor of the “humanities” philosophy. We over-look the content of the movies we allow them to watch, the friends they associate with, and the music they listen to, wishing to be loving,  generous parents.

GOD, in the infinite wisdom of what genuine LOVE is, gave us a world and existence free of any type of slavery (to Himself , to truth, or anything else). We have free run of this place, and most of us would not want it any other way. We like being in charge and self-determination. We want to have the say of “When life begins”, “What marriage looks like”, and “How choices in life are judged”. Problem is, we would also like the consequences of our actions to be “softened” so the landings aren’t so harsh. When a drunk driver kills a sweet innocent person we question GOD’s presence, both in punishing the offender and not protecting the victim.  We especially want our loved ones to be spared of any illness, most specifically life-threatening ones, all while poisoning our food and environment. Too often we curse those we view as evil…wishing their death. Except when it is our loved ones who have committed the evil. We seem to be intent on being slaves, no matter what, whether it be to sin, jobs, money, hatred, …unforgiveness.

In short, we’ve made a “bed” we increasingly find uncomfortable (even intolerable) at times, and our tendency is to blame the builder of the house. It seems that the more irritated we become with the “holes” in our drywall, the less appreciative we become for the builder who made this perfect h0me… all for US. Suffering is our doing and the result of human “wisdom”. We were never created to die or suffer. If Jesus’ suffering shows us anything it is the willingness of the Father to suffer with us, to show us that our pain is HIS pain, AND… to gather us up, at the end of our brief life here, to spend eternity with us. Death is no more. HE even used HIS own SON, HIS very Soul, for the “ransom”.

A Blessed and Peace Filled Easter Season to All

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