THE MOST HOLY TRINITY – Weekly Update for Queen of All Saints, St. Peter’s & St. Rose of Lima


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Hello All,

Below are a few updates and information to share:

  • Starting June 8th the Weekday Mass Schedule for St. Peter’s will return to Wed-Fri at 7AM – this includes the Thursday Adoration (see
  • Fr. Andres will be hearing confessions on Saturdays at St. Peter’s  Parish Hall from 1:00PM to 2:00PM. 
    There will not be any confessions in Church.
  • St. Peter’s has two new employees – please welcome and congratulate them! 
  • 1st Communion – Sunday, June 14th
    Feast of St Peter – Sunday, June 28thConfirmation – Sunday, June 28th 
  • Just a reminder
    If you feel called to write the Confirmation students a letter of congratulations, encouragement, prayers, and hopes to see their continued involvement –

Please email your letters to:
OR drop them off at the Parish Office by June 12th

  • Totus Tuus!  Mark your
    calendars – registration and more details to follow next week…
  • Included in this e-mail, RCIC/RCIA pics, Mass Schedule and intentions, prayer intentions, Mass registration with Facebook
    links, and how to get the Magnificat at home.
  • There will be hard copy of the Weekly Update available at Church or in the Parish Office for those who do not receive e-mail.                                                                                                                                   

Please share this availability with anyone you know who might like to receive a weekly update and is not on e-mail.


Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Carmen Pankratz

Office Manager

St. Peter’s/Queen of All Saints/St. Rose of Lima

400 W Georgia Avenue

Gunnison CO 81230

Phone:  970-641-0808




Mark your calendar!    




you would like to continue to receive the booklet

to have for prayer & reflection at home and to bring to Mass to follow along you can order your

July through September copies below…

For a limited time, Magnificat is offering a special $5 subscriptions for 3 months for our print or digital editions in both English and Spanish. See the details at or  

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Welcome to Dave & Royce Urhig!  They are the newest members of the St. Peter’s team.

We are excited to have them join us and know they will do great job, caring for the Parish Church & Hall!  

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Congratulations – Welcome to our Parish Family!











Daniel                           Samuel Serrano

Lois Rozman (RCIA)            Don Farmer (RCIA)        (RCIC)                Adelina Serrano       (RCIC)

Queen of All Saints             St. Rose of Lima            St. Peter’s               (RCIC)                St. Peter’s

                                                                                                          St. Peter’s



Click on the Church you would like to attend to see availability and register:



St. Peter’s Church                                                 Queen of All Saints Church           


You can also call the Parish Office to register.  970-641-0808 (during business hours)


            St. Rose of Lima –
Please contact Erin Cavit (970-944-0191 or      


It is critical that the Mass Guidelines be read and followed     



Just a reminder – you can always watch the Weekend Masses live on Facebook

Peter's Facebook Link
of All Saints Facebook Link


Mass Schedule, Confession & Intentions for June 6th through June 13th (8:30am)


   Saturday – The Most Holy Trinity (June 6th)

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM– St. Peter’s
Parish Hall


4:00 PM
– St. Rose of Lima

The Parish

6:30 PM
(No Confession) – St. Peter's Church & Facebook


Flo Miller (req. by The Felix Family)

Anniversary of Jack & Kay Flint (in Thanksgiving) (req. by Kay Flint)


Sunday – The Most Holy Trinity (June 7th)

 8:30 AM
(8:00 AM Confession at the Parish Hall)
– Queen of All Saint Church & Facebook Live

John Yankowich
 –  (req.
by Dcn Joe & Bev Fitzpatrick

Bill & Brooke Leer (40th Anniversary!) 
–  (req. by the Leer Family)

10:30 AM
– St. Peter’s Church & Facebook Live

Kenneth Alvin Bare
 –  (req.
by Dcn Mike & Sheila Anderson

Marlene Zanetell (health & well-being)(req. by Jerry Piquette) 


          12:00 Noon (Spanish)
 St. Peter’s Church & Facebook Live

Maria de los Angeles Bernal Torres
by the Eduardo Davalos Family)

(not live on Facebook – no registration required):


St. Peter’s Church

St Peter’s – Mass Intention

Queen of All Saints

Queen of All Saints- Mass Intention

Mon. June 8th

5:30 pm

5:30 pm

Tues. June 9th

12:00 Noon

Thomas Zimmer (health)



Wed. June 10th

7:00 AM

The Parish

5:00 Confession/5:30 Mass

Kate McFarland 

(req. Dcn Joe & Pat Fitzpatrick)

Thurs. June 11th

7:00 AM w/Adoration

Thomas Zimmer (health)




6:00 PM Benediction & Mass (Spanish)

The Parish



Fri. June 12th

7:00 AM

Ellie Bierhals (healing)
req. by Pankratz Family)

5:30 pm


Sat. June 13th AM

8:30 AM

The Parish





Remember to pray for all those who are in need of our prayers:

LaVeta Sangosti		Mariah Besecker-Green<br />
Andreana Gerard		Marlene Zanetell<br />
Patty Prevost		Jeffrey Flint<br />
All the 1st Communicants		All the Confirmation Candidates<br />
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You can always submit your prayer intentions on line and receive daily reminders – just follow
the links below…

St. Peter’s Prayer Book                                    
Queen of All Saints Prayer Book      



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