Hello All,


Just a couple notes for the St. Peter’s family: 


  • There have been a number of late registrations and/or last minute attendees for Mass, which makes it very difficult to ensure that the Church maintains their maximum allowed number for attendees, based on the
    Gunnison County Public Health Order, or to know who those last minute registrants are.  So
    PLEASE try to register by end of day THURSDAY before the weekend or understand there may be a chance that the Church capacity will be filled when you arrive for Mass, even if you registered on-line Friday or Saturday.    Registration information
    is below- or you can always call the Parish Office to register. 
  • Because there is limited seating in the Church, if you are a party of 1 or 2 people, please try to fill the side (shorter) pews in the Church first to allow room for larger families.
  • Fr. Andres will be back and live streaming the weekend Masses. 


Thank you!

Carmen Pankratz

Office Manager

St. Peter’s | Queen of All Saints | St. Rose of Lima

Phone: 970-641-0808




Register for weekend Mass



St. Peter’s Church                                                            


You can also call the Parish Office to register.  970-641-0808 (during business hours)



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