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In prayer this past week, I was meditating on the up-coming Proposition 115 on November’s ballot. This is a ballot measure to ban all late term abortions (if you have not heard of it). In Colorado, and six other states, it is legal to abort an unborn child up to the moment of birth…for any reason. I won’t get into this argument here, but something else relating to this practice has really been eating away at me. Most poll numbers show 75% of Americans thinks this is too extreme, all but admitting the presence of human life in the mother’s womb. If this is true, how did these laws come to be? If it is a human life at 39 weeks, what is it at 35, 30, 22 weeks or before? Who could have possibly agreed to terminate a fully developed human being at the moment of birth? Tearfully…I realized I was at fault, we all are, when we failed to block such legislation. I could research the timelines and give you facts about this law, but it’s a waste of time at this point. Right now, in this moment of history, we have the opportunity to overturn this abomination. We have a tangible battle in front of us that is very winnable. We need only to become a voice to assist others to see the horror of such a practice. An unborn child suffers unspeakable trauma (at any stage of gestation) when its life is mechanically or chemically ended, but late term abortions all but ensure a death too unimaginable for any horror movie to even portray. And for what? What could possibly be the reason? Statistics show, unapologetically, that convenience is the primary reason. Lack of finances, time, career, desire to parent, etc.

So, my next thought was “What argument could any Christian present that our Lord and Savior would approve any abortive effort, much less late term practices?” This GOD/Man who clearly told us even cruel and harsh words amounted to murder. Please show me any verses that argue for this practice, especially in the Gospels. What IS abundantly clear, in Sacred Scripture, is a GOD who wildly and without limits, loves and cherishes human life, even in the womb. Everything about Christ’s nature explodes in a cascade of Love for humanity…to the point of dying for us.  In what circumstance would Jesus support and vote for this legalization of torture and murder (virtually all late term abortions involve dis-membership to accomplish) of the most vulnerable? If we are a people professing a belief in Jesus Christ, we HAVE to make this argument for abortion (according to Christ’s teaching) or rethink our position and the basis we form it on. The answer, I believe, is we can’t (and many don’t) condone such acts. Not when we scrutinize Jesus’ words and example (The Way). We can, in fact, soundly argue for Jesus’ reverence and respect for all human life. We facilitate abortion rights with our silence and apathy. Only non-believers are exempt from this (except the consequences), they have no one to answer to…they think.

Undeniably, our world has become a chessboard of ‘battle-grounds’. Groups of people are squaring-off over political positions, women’s rights, and racial injustice and inequality. We’re fighting over a pandemic and the measures to take to control its spread and affects. Some are battling over history and attempts to re-write or possibly correct injustice. We fight over tax cuts and social welfare programs. Some oppose the police and seek abolishing them entirely. Others want to see America destroyed completely. You name it there’s a battle line being drawn. Too few of us are fighting for un-born children, at least publicly. How about we devote ourselves to protecting the innocent and most vulnerable in society, for “Unto the least of these, what you do for them you also do for me” Jesus tells us. We are clearly a world fighting to become secular and “un-tethered” to moral truth. This is the objective of evil. While I recognize that history and the story of humanity has always been racked by injustice and iniquity, sometimes by the human Church, anyone would be hard-pressed to argue that the world is becoming safer and more just in the absence of the Church’s presence among us. It would be equally difficult to deny the immense contributions Christianity has brought to our world. Institutions such as hospitals,  higher education, social justice, science, medicine, astronomy, genetic research, physics, and computer science. You name it and the Church either discovered it or contributed to them massively the past two thousand years. Eventually, we will experience a poverty among the growing populations of the poor like we have not witnessed since the middle ages, primarily because we no longer are interested in the influence of LOVE’s gentle voice. We want to hear our own voice and follow our own advice…our own truth. We are seeing the results and living the reality this approach is creating, even to the point of deciding when and how life can be created and what value it holds according to our standards. This is what Proposition 115 is about… a god-less people wanting to exert authority over how life achieves or maintains viability. To put a finer point on it, all abortion procedures seek to establish who’s ‘boss’. Who has control? Who eats what fruit from what tree? Our behavior is not to be scrutinized, only the desires we seek.

All my adult life I have tried to form my conscience and behavior according to “the Way, the Truth, and Life” of Jesus, presented to me by the Church. If you know me at all you know I fail miserably at this effort, but I get up each day praying to further my journey on a path of holiness. In general, I leave others to do the same (on their own path) for themselves. Proposition 115 has dramatically changed the landscape for me in this regard. I now feel it impossible to ignore the plight of the innocents, or the mothers. The efforts to support and expand options for women considering abortion must be part of the conversation, along with exploring the decision making that prevents the situations of un-wanted pregnancies. This milestone on my path is protecting those in most need of protection. I pray you will consider this ‘stop’ on your journey as well. Proposition 115 repeals the law allowing pregnancies to be terminated up to and including entry of the birth canal. PLEASE vote YES!!!! On this issue on NOV. 3           GOD Bless You.

Deacon Mike

See You Soon!!!


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