Weekly Bulletin for October 17th & 18th

Hello All,

Just a few reminders:

  1. Watch the newest video about Prop 115
    video (click
    ) and did you know 150 healthcare and life scientist professionals have Prop 115? Get the word out.


  1. October is Respect Life Month.  Please join us in praying the rosary for life at St. Peter’s and next week at Queen of All Saints – either before or after Mass:
    1. SATURDAY:  Tonight right after Mass at 6:00 PM at St. Peter’s
    2. SUNDAY:  At 9:30 AM after Mass at Queen of All Saints
    3. SUNDAY:  At 9:45 AM before Mass at St. Peter’s
    4. SUNDAY:  Right after the 12:00 Mass at 1:00 PM at St. Peter’s


  1. Fr. Matthew Wertin will be facilitating The Little Way Prayer Retreat on Saturday, November 28th at St. Peter’s Parish Hall.  He is looking for some helpers for
    that day – if are available to help out or would like to register, please contact the Parish Office (flier attached in Spanish and English)
  2. Please find attached the bulletin (English & Spanish) and Deacon Mikes blog.
    Priorities at the Poles (English & Spanish), two week calendar, and reminder of the date change for Movie Night – showing of FATIMA on Tuesday the 13th at 7:00pm at St. Peter’s Parish Hall


Bulletin Web Links below:


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Due Date Too Late


Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Carmen Pankratz

Office Manager

St. Peter’s | Queen of All Saints | St. Rose of Lima

Phone: 970-641-0808

Fax: 970-641-4592




St. Peter’s Church                                                 Queen of All Saints Church



You can also call the Parish Office to register.  970-641-0808 (during business hours)

St. Rose of Lima –
Please contact Erin Cavit (970-944-0191 or


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