Weekly Offertory Data for Queen of All Saints, St Peter's and St Rose of Lima

August 2016 to Present

Some things to note about this chart:
By default the chart is smoothing out the data by using a moving average of 12 weeks, because of this the chart will give the averaged donation amounts and not the actual amount.
If you wish to see the actual data points charted simply change the yellow number in the bottom left of the chart to zero. You can enter any number and that moving average will be charted.
There is a gap in the data, the month of October 2018 is missing as it was not reported in the bulletins of that month.
There is also a gap and spotty data for the month of October 2019 due to lack of and transitioning of Office Manager.
Another gap in the data is present between March 1st and July 8th of 2020 due to the disruption caused by the virus.