Committees & Programs

Parish Council

Serves as an advisory committee to the pastor and encourages the fullest collaboration of clergy, religious and laity. The committee enables a parish to become ever more fully a portion of the people of God, sharing in the mission of Christ, and developing the structures necessary for supporting its community life and carrying out its mission.


Coordinator: Deacon Lloyd Hawes
It’s an exciting honor to receive an invitation from someone new in our lives! If we are invited to spend more time with that person and develop a deeper relationship with them, it’s very affirming but not as exciting as the first invitation. The excitement in freindship comes in small segments when we share time, thoughts and feelings — when we experience new activites or new ways of relating.

The catechumenate (R.C.I.A.) process helps us be renewed in our faith lives by consciously and constantly inviting all ages into a sense of the mystery of God’s presence in our lives. It’s a repeat invitation to an on-going journey of conversion. “Conversion is not primarily a matter of espousing a new set of beliefs or executing new forms of worship: conversion implies a new way of relating to God in such a way that one also relates differently to other people. Conversion is a matter of living justly, reaching out to all and sharing with them all that one has.”

If you are thinking about joining the Catholic faith, want to be confirmed, or want to renew your faith, feel welcome to join us on Monday evenings at 7:00 in the Parish Hall. If you are interested in helping this process bring more life to our parish by your hospitality, faith partnering and prayers of support, please contact the R.C.I.A. team by calling the rectory, 970-641-0808.

Religious Education

Coordinator: Deacon Mike Anderson
For questions about St. Peter’s Religious Education contact  970-641-0808.